A Brief History

UNITED SALVAGE & TOWAGE PHILS., INC. or UniSalv was organized and started towing, barging and salvage assistance operations in Manila in 1974. We have completed 31 salvage works from 1987 to the present, not to mention the tug assistance done, removal of wrecks at the pier, and salvage of small barges that were half-sunken.

To upgrade and expand our operation, we acquired a ferryboat and converted it to a unit load beer carrier . By 1989, we acquired a 3,000 DWT double hulled warehouse barge and installed two 15-ton cranes for the haulage of bulk cargoes. It was then converted to a deck barge with an aft ramp. We acquired supply anchor-handling tugs MT Sulu Venture in 1991 and MT China Venture in 1998 to service the oil drilling industry and have been chartered to various oil drilling companies in Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia and Singapore.

The MT Sulu Venture was chartered and has completed her contract for a year and a half to an Indonesian oil drilling company. Since then she has been working on the spot market in Thailand and Taiwan. Presently, both MT Sulu Venture and MT Philippine Sea are assigned to the Shell pipe-laying project in Malampaya in the Philippines. The MT China Venture has been working with another oil drilling company in Indonesia since March of 1999 up to the present.

Negotiations are now on going for a 5000 B.H.P. anchor-handling tug.

List of Marine equipents:

M.T. Sulu Venture
- Anchor Handling Supply Tug
M.T. China Venture - Anchor Handling Supply Tug
M.T. Philippine Sea

Barge Kambeck

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